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I started Body Armour Clothing Co. in 2002. I was interested in creating some faith based T-shirts and prayed about it. God 1st dropped a slogan in my spirit that would identify our brand. The slogan He gave me was, Clothing Fit For The Body of Christ. I was amazed and highly motivated about our new slogan that God had given me, but we did not have a name for the brand. I remember just coming up with a simple name like, T and J tee’s that was Made up of the first letters of the name of my partner and I at the time. I was still not sold on that name so I decided to pray again and ask God to help me come up with a better name. It took a few weeks, but God dropped in my spirit the name, Body Armour! I had no clue why God would give me the name Body Armour for a Christian based clothing line, but I kind of liked it, and who was I to argue with God about a name that He thought we should have. So, Body Armour it was! Later that week I met with my partner at that time, James Saunders. I will never for get the excitement I had as I told James the name for the clothing brand, so when I said” Jay the name God gave me was Body Armour! He immediately said, “ wow! You got that from the scripture Ephesians 6:11 right? I said no, what scripture is that? Then he grabbed a bible and showed me the scripture which read, Put on the whole Armour of God that you may stand against the wiles of the devil. My mouth dropped in awe of God! That’s when I knew that this clothing brand was all God and not me! This is how Body Armour Clothing Co. came about.

 The Body Armour (B.A.)
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